Sometimes, people ask for my advice on investing. "Are you in the stock market? Are you an investor in any funds? How should I invest?". I don’t give advice. I follow a rule popularized by a very stubborn author:

Don’t tell me what you think, tell me what you have in your portfolio.

My objective is not to not make high-risk investments — "high risk, high reward" is for suckers. Instead, I work backwards from worst case scenario (make sure I do not reach the point of no return) to best case scenario.

My portfolio is barbelled. This means, a very large majority of capital is in low risk, low convexity asset classes and a very small minority of capital is in highly convex investments where I know how much money I could lose at all times (e.g., all of it) while having near-unlimited upside (e.g., early investors in Google, Amazon, Facebook are still seeing upside).

My portfolio is not sophisticated.

A. Low Convexity Asset Classes
  • FDIC-insured accounts, cash, precious metals

B. High Convexity Asset Classes
  • Early stage technology startups, early stage venture funds

Below is the list of my early stage technology investments, with links to their hiring pages 😊
Active Company
Jobs and Careers
Custom-designed microbes
Full-stack quantum computing
Personalized testing for cancer patients
GPU cloud computing platform
Transport platform for Africa
Organizing the world’s video
Manage data like code
Software platform for mass customization
Automation tools for fermentation
Bioengineered probiotics
Operations optimization at seaport terminals
Data platform for applied microbial genomics
Creating chemicals using biology
Precision immune therapies
Gene editing platform

Inactive Companies

Rescue Forensics — Acquired
Framed Data — Acquired
Zesty — Acquired