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The Philosophy of Optionality clipping

Posted on September 14th, 2020

Optionality. One of the most underrated concepts of life I think. The very simplest defintion can be described as by Taleb: being able to accept both outcomes, to be comfortable with the counterfactual. It’s opposite? The Squeeze. The Japanese understood this through wabi sabi- incompleteness. The Taoists knew it when Laozi discussed the empty bowl. Being incomplete means being open to the infinite. A fractal has infinite length beca...

Considering Wealth at the Real World Risk Institute clipping

Posted on November 9th, 2019

To shake up my thinking and expose myself to highly-believable people, I attended the two-day program at Nassim Taleb’s – Real World Risk Institute.You can find my daily notes here. Cleaned up digital version of my notes here. What follows is my thinking on wealth inspired by what was presented. Mistakes are my own. I can hear things differently than what was actually spoken, so don’t assume my attributions are strictly accurate. To ...

The Trouble with Optionality | Opinion by HBS IYI clipping

Posted on September 16th, 2019

MY NOTES ON AUTHOR: HBS’ IYI Errors: * Missing central point: Optionality is avoiding blow-ups while maintaining maximal upside. * Working at a consulting firm is not optionality, b/c dependent on paycheck. * Wants young people to blow-up; asking to take **MORE** risk. * Specifically, missing entrepreneurship; this IYI doesn't seem to grasp it. * "Safety Nets" in this article is not "safety nets". * Finding a pursuit that can sus...