This is my commonplace book. Here, I record the historical and philosophical readings that help shape me. I originally started this book as a tool to search and reference material.

Included are notes and quotations from a wide array of books I have read and podcasts I have heard, clippings from online articles, personal essays and competitive activities, philosophical notes, notable books in my library, lists of my favorite music and cinema, and compendiums on individuals who are my lighthouses in a sea of complexity.

This virtual commonplace book contains less than 1% of my total writings. I will add more in the coming years. I hope this commonplace book inspires you to create one as well. You are all free to enjoy this commonplace book without attribution. I believe wisdom should be available to anyone with assertions to learn. Copyrighting wisdom (as evidenced by career Academicians and legal scoundrels) and—worse—placing wisdom behind a paywall (the modern Sophist) does a disservice to humanity.

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