What is the nature of man?

Man is about conflict and cooperation.

We can explore the nature of man in conflict and in cooperation through the great books.

The military should have liberal arts education. Commanding and obeying commands are heavily involved in human nature; it is what motivates human beings. It is skin in the game, directness, and courage (toughness) in face of painful and difficult questions.Thoughtful warriors. Courageous thinkers.

Civil Military Relations (Naval Academy). Samuel Huntington’s classic study of the military profession: "The Soldier and the State". The military skill requires a broad background of general culture for its mastery.

The fact that, like the lawyer and the physician, the military professional is continuously dealing with human beings, requires him to have the deeper understand of human attitudes, motivations, and behaviors which a liberal education stimulates.

The narrow sense of military professionalism is a recent development and it is not a necessary development. It does not have to be. Liberal education.

What is man? Go out into the world and you will see incredible differences and incredible similarities.

Courage: Break-out of authoritative paradigms and start to think for yourself what the answers to those questions are. That is the underlying thread. Push yourself to those difficult questions.

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