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The Philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka clipping

Posted on October 31st, 2021

Buddhism and Agriculture - Part 1 Dr Trent BrownJuly 25, 2020 Masunobu Fukuoka (1913-2008) was a Japanese farmer and philosopher, who pioneered a school of farming referred to as ‘natural farming’ or ‘do-nothing farming.’ Fukuoka’s methodology entailed minimal human interference in the agricultural process, instead creating conditions in which natural processes, left to their own accord, maximise crop outputs. Fukuoka became highly ...

Peeringly deeply clipping

Posted on December 1st, 2020

De rerum natura. Here’s Boyd’s definition of "insight" again: Ability to peer into and discern the inner nature or workings of things. 
 My first reaction when I read this was "Yawn." I mean, who wouldn’t want the talent to "peer into and discern the inner nature or workings of things"? And in fact, up until it suddenly appeared in slide 144, Boyd hadn’t attached much importance to it. Just to give one indication, he began Pattern...