Peace isn't only an idea. It is an idea backed by action. It's an act of prevention. It's an act of creativity. It's an act of perseverance. It's an act of sound strategy executed flawlessly. Most of all, it's an act of benevolence.

Thus, peace isn't only calmness. It is active. It is stunning speed. It is unstoppable power.

Peace isn't only stopping war and doom. It is lighting the way. It is educating those who are uninformed and misinformed. It is showing an undeniable better path. It is presenting real results.

Peace isn't about control. It is letting go. It is helping others fulfill their purpose. It is the creation and proliferation of happy faces.

Peace isn't only about agreement. Forced agreement is veiled weakness. So war is weak. Dissension signifies true strength. So peace is strength. Peace transcends you and me. So peace bridges you and me no matter how wide our individual differences.

Peace isn't simply going with the flow. It is being brave when you feel scared. But you automatically gain courage because you work for the benefit of others, not only yourself. It is about speaking up for those without a voice. It is about not backing down by threats from evil and cruelty. It is about fighting back to protect those who are harmed.

Peace isn't easy. It's easy to destroy people and things. That can be accomplished at any moment. So war means death. It's much harder to build, maintain, and preserve. That must be accomplished into perpetuity. So peace means immortality.

Any ignoramus can engage in entropy. In fact it doesn't require anybody or any effort at all. You simply let things degrade naturally into disrepair. However, geniuses of peace can outmaneuver forces of destruction and degradation.

Peace isn't pettiness, hatred, selfishness. Peace is open, bigger picture, abundance.

Peace is a different new way. War is the same old way. Which way do you think would get you better results?

Human beings can indeed create peace. Great people can make something out of nothing. Geniuses of love can form admiration out of hate. Geniuses of peace can illuminate even (especially) in the midst of darkness.

When two sides who consider each other enemies converge in armed struggle, for the moment they are no longer enemies. They are fellow human beings who face the same two choices that their ancestors did for centuries before them: to destroy each other or to prosper together. I hope you choose wisely. ☮